Correct technique to wash concrete​

Knowledge - At Soft Touch we have the knowledge and understanding which detergents work best in each situation.  We also know which detergents will not harm your plants, pets or property.  You do not want someone doing something like the photo below on your home; high pressure is the worst possible thing for your roof.  It blasts off all of the granules on your shingles.  Our soft washing techniques do not harm your shingles and is the preferred method of cleaning recommended by shingle manufacturers.

Experience & Equipment - At Soft Touch we know which techniques to use to protect your property and get things clean.  We also have professional grade equipment to get the job done without taking risks; such as the photo below

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Results of incorrect technique washing concrete

​Why use a professional?

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Security - Soft Touch is a locally owned and operated business.  We are committed to the West Michigan community.  Some contractors target areas for short periods of time and then move on to the next city.  We have been serving the Grand Rapids area for 16 years.
Protection - Soft Touch is fully insured and licensed.
Cost effective - Your time has value.  By the time you purchase or rent a pressure-washing unit and spend the time to wash your house it most likeliy would add up to more than a Soft Touch quote.